::Friday, 19 March 2004

Mornings like these make for a great start to
the day. Great little waves, awesome sunrise and toasty water. At middle
Bondage there was a left hand bank which had the odd wally one. Large
crew out this morning scoring 2-3 footers. Wind was non-existent which
will change in the afternoon to 10/15knots of NE. Weekend going to be
small and fun waves (around 2 – 3 ft). Saturday looks better than Sunday.
New swell on Sunday night rolling in with onshores.

Our friends our Coastalwatch are running a live
broadband camera from the Snickers Australian Open down at the Bra. All
the big names in surfing will be down there. Check
out the action
. Get down there on the weekend to see some hot surfing.

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