::Thursday, 25 March 2004

It’s cranking this morning. Never seen the car
parks so full before the sun even got up…man grommies running around
everywhere, waxing up boards, fiddling with leggies, frothn’. So many
places are breaking today. Any beach that faces east will be firing…enjoy.

Ventured down to Maroubra to see what was going on. This
decent ENE swell was hitting the northern end superbly (shame it wasn’t
her for the finals last Sunday). Super clean 3 – 4 foot waves rolling
in with a large crowd…perfectly sunny with toasty warm water 24°C.
Wind will swing NE this afternoon 10/15knots. I shot in the water…but
in a mad rush to get out there, I stuffed up my focus settings and shot
60 blurry messes. EEck![not happy] Shot some pure gold too! Few guys were
ripping down there…next time…we learn…

Enjoy this great day…

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