Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bondi 7am – south swell, small – surfable
What a cracker morning! Bad luck to those who slept in. Sun is shining and there’s very little wind. The swell has switched its origins from north east to south east and Bondage is showing a little surfable bump this morning. It’s mostly around waist high with the odd larger set. The sea weed monster is hanging around the south end where there seems to be a little bank forming.

All in all – don’t get too excited about the surf, but a definite beach day for those lucky ones not working today. Summer is here and why would you want to be anywhere else? (Well, maybe indo for a few but I’ll get over that). Wind: Variable to 10 knots tending NE 15/20 knots in the afternoon. Low tide 07:10 High tide 13:47, Max land temp 25, water 19 degrees.

Surely you’ve got a few friends that would like to receive a slice of the beach every morning (for free). Just go take them to and submit their email addresses (please let them know first so they don’t think I’m king spam machine). More the better…

Bondi board riders comp is on this Sunday down at Bondi. Usual 8am at the skateramp hill. DJ coming down this Sunday and everyone is welcome. More info

Have a goodie ::yooj

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