Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bondi 7am – small waist high and
closing out – no good.

After yesterday’s day of fun waves we are left with mere tiny swell scraps
this morning. An early morning summer’s haze setting the scene for
a hot day (max 32! Yeha!). I would forget the board and go for a swim
instead as the swell is declining. Wind: N/NW 15/20 knots
inshore and 20/25 knots offshore at first, increasing to 25/33 knots from
N/NE throughout in the afternoon and evening. High tide
12:44 Low tide 06:11. Tomorrow is looking poor for surfing
(wind swell), but Saturday and Sunday should see some south swell producing
head high waves. Enjoy the weather!

Bondi 2004

The Beach Road Hotel in Bondi will be hosting the 8th Annual
Miss Bondi
Competition. This Saturday 20th Nov
at 2:30pm
the 1st round of heats start. Join the crew and
enjoy the bikini parade, live music and outdoor entertainment.

Science of the Surf

Dr. Bob Brander
is running his rip demonstration/lectures
at Tamarama this Saturday 3:30-4:30pm. Meet at
the Tama SLSC. This is where Doc throws coloured dye in the water
and you can see the violent rip at Tama in action. Interesting stuff…

Have a great day, ::uge

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