Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Bondi 6:30am – northerly wind swell waist to shoulder
The northerly wind swell has increased in size overnight producing waist to shoulder high waves down at Bondi. You’ll find much bigger stuff at other breaks which face more east/north – however the wind is side/offshore at Bondi where exposed beaches may be more wind affected. This wind swell is fat and weak – creating shore burgers lacking substance. If you were to go for a drive I am sure you’d find something fun. Better be quick at the wind is about to howl from the NE. Strong wind warning. Wind: NE 20/30 knots. Winds inshore 13/18 knots at first. Max land temp. 25 degrees with a thunderstorm imminent…

You know it’s summer in Bondi when you get down the beach early and a dozen or so partying tourists are continuing from the night before, sculling wine from the cast (like Ness does) before a swim in their white fronts, followed by a face first pass out in the sand. Silly season is officially open!

Heat 3 of Miss Bondi was held at the Beach Road Hotel last Saturday. The final is this Saturday. Karlos got down there for a few fotos – view gallery

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