Monday, January 10, 2005

Bondi 7am – bumpy fat burgerland
Bondi is picking up the best of this south swell with waves over head high on sets. The annoying Easterly winds continue for the third day, making bumpy surfaces. Easterlies seem to get in every nook and cranny of Sydney. Later today we’re expecting a northerly shift in wind direction which should improve conditions. The 8:45am high tide wasn’t doing us any favours either, fattin’ up any peak that rolled into the bay. SO many fat burgers in fact – after a take off you’re pretty much left with nothing. Summary, later = better. Low tide 15:43. This swell will switch into decline mode today as the northerly weather pattern kicks in bringing sunshine and a new swell on Wednesday. Tomorrow smaller but cleaner.

For some reason last Friday’s report was very popular. Statistics going through the roof – 100 new subscribers in a matter of hours. I would like to think it my water shots that were of interest, but suspect it may have something to do with a girl jogging in white shorts…

Brazilian Junior Champion Pablo Paulino is the new Billabong World Junior Champion. Hawaii’s Dustin Cuizon put up a fight in the finals but was left needing a combination of scores to take down the determine Brazilian.
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Adelaide surfer Sam Green, missing and presumed dead in Sumatra since the tsunami, has been found alive and well by his brother, Ben. He’d been scoring tubes a HT’s not knowing what had been going on in the world. (no internet cafes at Ht’s thank god). SMH full story

Happy birthday to Liv Gemmell!

Well whatdayaknow – still Aquabumps tees for sale…come get em’ while da hot!

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