Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bondi 7:30am, head high on sets, bit bumpy
Yesterday’s southerly change stirred up some goodness delivering chest to head sets this morning. Nice surprise. Surface quality was quite bumpy with the slight onshorey…they didn’t seem to have a great deal of push behind them either…nonetheless, it’s probably the best it’s been all week (but that’s like comparing a cracker to a beach road chicken mudflap). Looks like this swell isn’t going to hang around declining tomorrow…High tide 14:10 Low tide 08:21. Winds will swing from the onshore SE’s to the N easterlies this afternoon. (NE’s normally bring a bit of sunshine with it). You’ll have to surf a south facing beach today or else it will be micro. Next week looks more promising with decent south swell arriving on the Monday. Hopefully the southerly onshores won’t be joining the party.

I reckon every office needs one…Credo Group, a retail refurbishment specialist company, with offices in Melbourne – miles away from any ocean, decided they needed some aquatic inspiration in their office. They’ve blown up an AquaBumps Mentawai tube shot to giant proportions (4.5m x 2.3m) and fixed it to a wall in their brand new offices. Looks cool…See Pics

I have been getting my fruit and veg home delivered from local Sam Davies and his company Go Fresh. Gotta tell ya, well worth getting on board, produce is top notch – direct from the markets…it’s really cost effective too (get 20% off your 1st order if you enter "AQUA" under gift vouchers on the final payment screen). Order Online


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