Monday, July 18, 2005

Avalon 8am – 4-5 foot (backs) sets, chilly offshore winds
After a great weekend of waves, we continue with 4-5 footers at south facing beaches and SW offshore winds. Sun is shining…but its still damn cold down there. 5 guys out at South Avalon picking off a couple of bomb sets…looked a little fat, few long rides. Low tide is at 10:43am, with a 5:28pm high tide. Max temp. 17 degrees with fresh SW winds forecast for the rest of the day. Go surf – plenty of waves about.

Scored some hot waves out of town yesterday in secret southern protected corner. Check pics:

For the camera boffins, I’ve been shooting lately with the new Canon zoom 70-200mm F2.8 IS USM (Thanks Phil). Have to say I rate it. Incredibly sharp, fast and auto focus is reliable. Best thing is it’s light enough to hand hold in a dinghy for Indo trip and fast enough to capture snaps at low light (Indo is always overcast). Occasionally it locks up with my 10D, but nothing to get too worried about. Auto-Focus is reasonably responsive with the 2x extender – sometimes AF wonders off into space. You’ll drop about $3k to get one unless you go offshore. Read more reviews on Fred & Miranda.

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