Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yesterday’s mini south change kicked it up a notch (ok maybe half a notch)…it’s now not flat… but knee high dribbly bits mainly from the East. Good day for beginners…otherwise crank the work out in hope that a new swell will arrive later this week – which I think will happen. (Fri). Bureau of Meteorology reckon 31 today and fine (34 out in Penrith mmmmmm)…hit the beach I if these clouds dissipate. High tide 12:33, Low tide 19:32

I’ve emailed the winners of the x-rated fin comp, just waiting to hear back from everyone before announcing them. Only 15 of the 30 prizes have been claimed so far. We will re-draw if all not claimed.

A new range of Aquabumps tees are coming out this week…with the new logo…will be available on the online store SOON. So put some bullion aside and keep an eye out for them.

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