Friday, March 03, 2006

Hard to get amped about random onshore-blue bottle riddled overcast
bond*age today. Odd peak at 2nd ramps worth decimating, but she’s
wonky and unpredictable with most chunks eventuating into a close
out. So what does that all mean? – is average and you’d have to
be a frotha. The swell has come up quite a bit with over head high
sets…winds are from the south east and it’s only going to be 25
today. Warm and rainy over the weekend with smaller waves. Can’t
remember the last time I saw it absolutely pumping…surely we’re
due. High tide 11:40am, Low tide 17:50

The girls meet the first Saturday of every month from March through
to December. Everyone meets at 7.30am in the car park at Bondi at
the southern steps (closest to skateboard ramp). The grades are
Advanced, Intermediate, juniors, Long Board, Adult Beginners, and
Junior Beginners. To compete, you need to join up as member ($60
for season) and it is $5.00 per comp. But anyone who just wants
to come and check out how it all works is also welcome. Because
of all the different grades, surfers don’t have to be any good but
Jessie Miley-Dyer started out here so …. go chix. Give it a go.

Big board sale going down at the DING DOCTOR
187 Bronte road Waverley (0405 059 134)…boards from local shaper/shredder
Andrew Harris. Wot – can get brand’spanka stick for $399?
No way – yes way honks

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