Monday, March 06, 2006

Gods created so many cool things: Lance’s Right, Angelina Jolie, Pistachio Gelato, Boranup Forest, Telescopes, Danny Howells….but what was he thinking when he invented the BLUE BOTTLE. The lil’ creepy fugly beasties just drift into bays lashin’ victims like a loose electric cable. Yesterday a huge swam hit our beaches clearing the peak…damn blue aliens gave me a whippin’. Enuf rambles. Moral of the story – Keep an eye out for them.

Back to today’s surf conditions…it’s a lot cleaner with offshore winds…couple of small peaks down at Bond*age, nothing that special as it’s lacking size and push – waist high. Since the swell is coming from the ENE other exposed beaches would attract more grunt and size. Sensational day to start the week with a classy sunrise heading to a top of 29. NW winds now, NE later, South change will rock on in later tonight cooling us down. High tide 14:27 Low tide 08:39

Have a great week. Later, ::uge

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