Monday, May 01, 2006

April’s fields of clover have come to and end. What a month…we’ve all been entertained by 4 chunky swells in 4 weeks. After a weekend of pumping Bondi we’ve got smaller waves around waist to shoulder high on two solid leftie banks (one in the middle and one in the south). Heaps of fun little ones left but I reckon the 11am high tide will put pork into those bumps (translation – not good). Super clean conditions with early morning offshores and balmy 23 degree water. This swell is fading rapidly as we head into a week of small knee biters. Low tide 4:30pm, max 24 today, clouds will appear, showers later today, fresh south west winds…

Got a good little snap in the south which is best viewed large. Not often you get little shacks like dese. Pray that these current banks hang around…later, uge

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