Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yeah I know, late again, but that’s part of the whole Aquabumps experience aaiii. Last night whipped up some local wind swell suitable for our new found banks. Waves were only around chest/shoulder high but consistent and beltable (now that’s for shiiiiza). Even the odd shackola to dig your way through on the left. It’s only a one hit wonder wind swell so expect it to run away anytime now…

SW winds – fresh this arvo, Max 22, water still deluxe, high tide 12pm, low tide 6am – sun is shining.

I’ve been getting a few complaints lately that the Bumps daily email has been blocked by evil forces. The easiest way to fix this is add this email address to your address book (or add us to your safe senders list). I suggest doing this now…cause one day you just might drop off…and then wot will you do? Life will never be the same again.

Later, Uge

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