Friday, May 19, 2006;

With low expectations this morning I was quite
surprised to see Bond*age deliver surfable waist high lefties in
the corner. Small pack enjoying the golden morning light and silky
surfaces. With a 7:20am low tide, our beloved bank sucked out the
fatness creating a couple of beltable mini pockets – but hey,
don’t get too excited – she’s only waist high.

Sunny day, 23, NE winds later, high tide 1:20pm. No
surf tomorrow, but Sunday looks like there will be a few around
(3ft) but flanked with showers.

The Beach Hut, the surf clearance
outlet at Sydney Domestic Airport is having a sale (up to 70% off).
Started yesterday and ends Sunday 21st May. 8:30pm to 5pm. 110 Seventh
Street, Mascot telephone 9693 5845 (the big blue building).

Louisa Seton opened her exhibition
of Tribal Photographs from Papua New Guinea last
night. Exhibition extends to 6th June at the Blender Gallery
in Paddington, 16 Elizabeth Street, Mon – Sat 10am to 6pm, 9380
7080 email


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