Friday, June 09, 2006

In a cheap attempt to brighten up your day on
this very grey morning – meet the Aquabumps Acid Hypercolor
The whole two shots I took today from the car
in the rain just didn’t cut the mustard. Put on the 3-d glasses
and stare at the screen – you might hear Black Sabbath at 78 speed.

Waves are smaller as the SE swell slips a gear. Bondi
was semi surfable with 2 footers, SW winds early, SE later, low
tide 12pm, high tide 6:30pm. Not that exciting. Smaller tomorrow
before beefy chunks on Sunday (4ft) and Monday (6ft) (but howling
southerlies so seek protection). A wet long weekend ahead of us
– rug up, stoke the fire find the furry rug.

Local boyz Jada are playing at the
Ruby Rabbit
tonight. 231 Oxford St Darlinghurst at 8pm.

Nice ride – What the new Kombi
is out? About time. I reckon you can fit a couple of quivers in
this bad boy. Perfect for the roadie up the coast.

Scared of your own shadow? new shadow boxes are in
at Bumps Gallery. $490 for 30" x 20". Show

Have a good long weekend. luego::uge

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