Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hi. Few waves around this morning. Hell cross shore howling from the north, but it’s cleaned up from yesterday’s mank. Sets broke around head high + and only a few guys out under thick blanket clouds. The early morning 5:15am high tide wasn’t doing it any favors, so best wait a while towards the 11am low tide. The wind will blow 30 knots this afternoon from the N/NE. Much warmer day tomorrow with 30! First light was at 4:47am and we’ve only got 12 days until day light savings starts….bring that orn.

Spotlight : Local fella Brian Watson, at 66 years of age is down Bondi every morning bustin’ out 6kms on the soft sand. Rain, Shine, hail whatever. He also has the largest collection of Aquabumps tees. Good effort there.. ::uge

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