Monday, October 23, 2006

Ahh good old Bali… This Indonesian pearl has been putting on a few waves over the weekend – mostly around the 4 – 5 foot range. The Bukit, packed with breaks has been offshore all day – does it get any better than this? Some of the sunsets have been just ridiculous…the colours so vibrant that they don’t look real.

Lords of Dogtown… Dog in Bahasa is ASU. There are more dogs than people on this island. The beaches are packed with them – most of them don’t look too flash. Ever wondered why they aren’t controlled? The Balinese people are Hindu and believe in incarnation, karma and peacefulness. My new buddy Kedek says "Dogs are a constant reminder to be a good person" They believe that a dog is the worst animal to be reincarnated as…so that grizzling mutt down at the corner store could be your lost Granny reincarnated, working her way into the heavens. Hence they’re left alone…

Back in Sydney you’ve got a few waves around the place…3 footers at south facing beaches and moderate North west winds. I think that Bondi would be fun under that combo – not epic, just fun. Max 23 degrees, first light at 4:40am, sunrise at 5:05am, 6 days until day light savings starts.

Junpa lagi:: Made Uge

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