Monday, March 12, 2007

Sometimes it just doesn’t all come together. Like when it’s 2 foot and howling onshore. Oh and chuck a couple clouds’n’rain in the mix and you’ve got the perfect day to be hanging in the office, walking around the floor with a piece of paper in your hand like you’re doing something important. Maybe try and kill some time by checking out the 4 star QS Maitland Toyota Surfest at Merewether Beach, Newcastle. View live stuff

Was no oil painting down there this morning. Unless Turner is your favourite artist. So today’s pics are from a beachie near Noosa (last Friday). Its miles of endless peaks and barely sole out. I reckon I counted 200 in the water at Bondi yesterday. Max 24 today. Onshore today/tomorrow. Wait for wind to swing (wed).

bra boyz movie.
"The BRA BOYS are one of the most notorious surf tribes in the world. Hailing from the drug inflicted and poverty ridden housing commissions of Maroubra, this tribe has produced some of the world’s most renowned big wave surfers (Koby). In an attempt to escape their tragic upbringing, many have found redemption in the ocean and family amongst the tribe brotherhood, whose motto is ‘my brother’s keeper’."

The Bra Boys film opens Thursday 15 th March at your nearest cinemas narrated by Russell Crowe, Directed by Sunny Abberton.



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