Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yeah that’ll be right… 4 days of Easter holidays and we got 4 days of rain and onshores. Come 1st day back at work and the sunshine is cranking, not to mention luscious 22 degree water and gentle winds. Swell is still hanging in there…just…like 2 – 3 foot. The 1st pic today makes it look much better than it really is. We that’s my aim (make it look ridiculously good even in half’a’foot), just didn’t want you all to rush down the beach.

Swell due from Thursday afternoon onwards. YOWSA! Friday/Saturday are looking real good with solid south swell pushing 6 foot solid and northerly winds. Work hard now. Surf end of the week. Book that weekend out of town…

Have a great week ::uge

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