Wednesday, April 18, 2007

boat transmission.
Written by John Blake some punter onboard:
Having clicked the ruby slippers last night, "team Tengirri" awoke to a purple grey canopy of clouds mirrored in a smooth 4 foot Macca’s line-up and one other boat.

It’s a weird feeling rocking up to a world famous break where no-one’s a local.

Taking any wave you want doesn’t work here. You have to wait your turn which might sound unlikely with 12 frothing surfers in the line up. We needn’t have worried though…

Soon we’re all on first name basis, chatting, yelling and hooting like old high school buddies, taking turns gliding, gouging and barreling through these amazing waves.

Here your surfing can improve the equivalent of 6 months in Australia in a matter of hours. Regardless of what level you are at you can’t help but surf better.

When it turned onshore it just seemed to get more fun. And you can’t go home anyway so it just means lunch, a dvd or a snooze and then back into it for the arvo session. No meetings, emails, text messages or mobile phones.

Sources tell me there should have been a few waves this morning. Like 3 footers with NW offshores – sounds good. Make the most of it as tomorrow it will dissipate and not much happening until next week. Thurs – Sunday 1 foot.

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