Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Not a good day to be hanging around the office…. A great day at south facing beaches. You’ll come up with some excuse for sure… Swell has cranked up and there’s some freshly served 4-5 footers down at Bondi. Many waves are closing out due to insufficient banks. But strangely 2 in 10 would hold up – oh yeah – and they were sweet little wally numbers. Not such good odds considering many breaks today would be lightin’ up. Especially as we approach a lower tide (rock bottom at 1:23pm). Pack the car and smoke the chariot to your little fav. cause its offshore all day long (SW) oh and sunny with 23 fat ones.

Tomorrow looks promising. Offshore (NW winds). 4-5 foot. 8 sec period. Swell from the SSE and a sunny 25. Life’s good. Later::uge

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