Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I gotta say, swimming out the back watching the sunrise in deluxe 21 degree water is damn good way to start the day… Swell has dropped some what, and Bondi had a lil’ 1-2 foot left tucked up in the southern corner worthy of a muck-around… a bit more swell on it should reveal the goods of the bank below. Still a lot of east origin in this swell, so a beach facing that way would show more promise. E.g. Whaley, Bra blah. Winds – SW now, ENE later, NW tonight. Micro tomorrow. max 24 degrees today. like it.

A have a mate (hard to believe I know). He sits on the computer checking swell’n’wind charts all night (when not perusing ebay for vintage boards). He’s a frotha. Any sign of a new swell and he’ll text me in the middle of the night with his secret spots that will be working in 3 days time. (got one last night) Well…I’ll confirm that on Friday there is going to be 4 to 5 foot waves from the south with a whopping 14 second period and Northerly winds. Disclaimer: before you wag work on Friday, I am a punter photographer not a swell forecasting genius.

video is cool.
Every month we’ll be releasing a little Aquabumps video. Special thanks to Linda Benson for filming, cutting etc. and VIOCORP for hosting the vision. WATCH VIDEO

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