Friday, May 18, 2007

one hit wonder
That south ground swell rocked up yesterday afternoon as we’ve talked about – but it was a bit of a Vanilla Ice one hit wonder…here for less than 12 hours. There are still a few waves around this morning – somewhere in the vicinity of 3 foot, but its pretty crummy grey wet weather and howling northerly early. If you want to surf – now is the time as its fading fast into a 1 foot Saturday. The weekend’s conditions look rather bleak – not much breaking over those knee caps. The clouds will part this afternoon making for a sunny day tomorrow (believe it or not). Today max 22. Tomorrow 21 and windy with westerlies.

the goods.
Damien Hobgood won the WCT Fosters Billabong Pro yesterday in Tahiti defeating a top form Mick Fanning in 4 to 6 foot Chopes in a last minute victory.

Hobgood (USA): "It’s insane. I was stoked to have another chance at it. It was so close. Mick put on a great performance. I kind of felt like it could be my day. Even though there was only a minute left, I was still holding on and thinking I could do it. I was able to just barely pull it off. I’m stoked."

Is this Mick’s big year? He’s leading the world tour with Taj in 2nd.

Have a good weekend. Don’t forget the Aquabumps Gallery is open Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm. 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi. Just tucked behind the North Bondi RSL…adios::ugios south of the border

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