Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Leaving a toastie heated car for a wet wettie and frosty dash across the sand was hard work this morning. Serious motivation required. The Icebergs thermometer said 13 degrees at 7:20am, I knew that was wrong. Fact – coldest July morning in 21 years. Yeah that’s right. 3point-freakin7 degrees to be exact. 3 hours later and the blood has finally return to my digits. Waves: a couple little ones. 1-2 footers. Not a patch on yesterday. Not a scratch on the northern beaches pipes of last week. However, it’s sunny, clean and generally a good day to go do something outdoors. Max 16 degrees today so rug up. Thursday is the next swell says my charts. Friday morning looks mac daddy with 8 foot plus. Later:uge


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