Friday, July 20, 2007

The fact that I drove around for 1.5 hrs looking for something that resembles a wave tells you that it’s not such a good morning for surfing. This SSW wind just won’t let up. It’s big, like around 6-8 foot, but more like a washing machine than anything you’d want to ride. So rest up as this breeze should ease this afternoon giving it a chance to sort itself out. I got a bit over excited with my forecasts. This swell will drop back fast and Sunday should see a nice clean 3 foot wave. Otherwise enjoy this cold drizzly weather. Min 8, max 15.

Took 3 photos today and they’re dark miserable junkie shots with windscreen wipers half way through them. Saw a small wave at the Bower -Manly, Collaroy few poolside burgers (3 foot), Bondi big and ugly (6-8ft), Manly small and swell slipping straight by (2ft), Curly a total mess (6ft), Freshie – nup nottin – so here is some pics I dug out of a recent Indonesian trip to keep you going in between sets.

Aquabumps Gallery – the gallery is open all weekend 10am to 4pm. 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi. Have a great weekend ::uge

PS – the gallery will be shut Monday – Wednesday next week. Aquabumps will be broadcast from beautiful Byron Bay region. Yeha.

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