Thursday, August 30, 2007

What started out to be a very overcast morning has cleared up to perfection. Surprisingly a small weak 2-3 foot wave was in the southern end of Bondi at sunrise. At lunchtime it had dissipated in half a foot dribbles. But the sun is flooding in and it’s a superb beach day as we cook up to 26 degrees. God Bless Sydney’s winters. Good time for a swim. There is basically no surf for the next week so best occupy your time doing something else…

six ounce sale
This weekend that kreepy Backdoor Benny down at Six Ounce wants to get rid of all its odds and ends, bids and bobs. Now we’re not talking its scaletrix race track, abandoned hair clippers or the spinning rims on the old falcon, more like board boards board…all boards in the store 20% off THIS WEEKEND ONLY. Rubber – 30 big ones off as well. Go to his website for the deets –

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