Wednesday, 14 November 2007

bush nookie
Saw a young couple going for gold in the bushes at sunrise this morning…aaaah yes, summer really is here in Bondi. Nothing like a bit of bush scratchin’ after a big Tuesday night at the Bondi hotel with a ‘new’ inebriated friend. Backpacker heaven has arrived to good old summer party town Bondi.

Even if you had a big night last night (if ya hittin’ it on Tuesdays we need to have a talk) you wouldn’t be missing anything in the surf – ’cause it’s pretty much flat, clean and pushing max 1 foot. You would need to ride a boat like mal to surf today. So perhaps enjoy the sensational weather as it cooks to 25 degrees today.

Swell is picking up later tonight – so at least we could have a wave tomorrow (ESE swell small say 2-3ft, not sure about the winds – variable). Can someone talk to that Dozer driver and get him to push sand into a nice pointy bank in the southern end. Something like a bank 50 metres out, 30 metres wide would work well for us. He’s currently straightening the beach out, making it a ripless beach for summer safety – boo::uge

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