Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Quite surprised to see something resembling a little waist high rideable wave this morning. At 5am it was pouring, by 6:30am it was clearing and the surface quality was immaculate glass. Shame it wasn’t bigger. Quite sucky on a southern end bank (hence shot 1 pipe). High tide today is around midday, low tide around 6:40pm. Swell is coming from the ESE with a period of 5.7 seconds (weak puppies) and we’re looking at a fine 24 degree day with winds tending N/NE 8/13 knots. The outlook – all sub 2 foot. Yawn. Nothing doing.

work distracters:

  1. BOGANS – I get sent some funny stuff. Check this Drambuie research video that landed in my inbox. I’ll give Aquabumps tees to the first 5 that can spot an old famous boy-band singer that used to be on a channel nine show in the week day afternoons. Click here to submit his name (stage name)
  2. SINGLE – On Nov 3 the single fin classic was held down at Bondi beach. Here is a short video created by Linda Benson and hosted by VIOCORP.


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