Monday, 3 December 2007

Flat Spell
The claws of this flat spell are starting to run deep. For weeks now we haven’t had much break above our heads. Today’s no different – knee to a small guys waist (I’m talking as short as Beo). Swell origin is east. 9 knot winds from the NE. High tide 4:30pm, low tide 10:30am. We had a mini-swell-pulse yesterday at lunchtime – nothing like surfing with 500 of your good friends. I rate Bondi the most dangerous break in the world at waist height-on a Sunday-around midday and 26 degrees. More dangerous than 10 foot HTs or low tide Rags right. Pray for swell (and the completion of the Campbell Parade Road works).

Miss Bondi
Heat 3 went down on Saturday in search of Bondi’s first lady. Here are the shots to distract the fellas from Facebook for 10 minutes.

Miss Bondi 2007

I’ve been getting a lot of complaints about Aquabumps daily emails arriving late. Like 4 days late. Few of you think I am doing this on purpose – um. Na. Your daily email gets sent on the day that shots were taken. As far as I know, its you not me. Well your email provider that is. Once its sent from me, can’t do much if it gets tangled in someone else’s cyber web for days. BIGPOND users will be experiencing extreme delays for example at the mo. Best thing to do is put into your contacts, call Bigpond and ask them to loosen the noose on their email filters – let me thru!

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