Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Days like these can be quite tormenting. Today is pretty much a perfect day to do anything – perfect temp (26), no wind, no clouds…but what about the couple of metres of 10 second SE swell hitting Sydney at the moment. Bondi is 4-5 foot, glassy, closing out in the south but surprisingly good (and crowded) in the north. Last night was pretty much smokin’ with 80 crew fighting over a 4 sqm take off – chuck in a few beginners on the newly exposed drain-pit and you’ve got yourself a slice of anarchy right there.. Afternoon light was something else – GOLD as can be. So I guess you’re reading this at work, on ya computer in your 2×2 cubicle wishing you were somewhere else…like a south facing beach.

quiky pro final day
The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Champion will be crowned today. Today is the final day for the tours 1st event for the year. Waves are around 2-3 feet and clean. So if you’re not surfing you might as well watch the event online and pretend you’re doing work. Distracting live footage Can White Lightning Mick Fanning come through again?

bondi bare foot
It’s on again this year – the Bondi Bare foot soft sand race down at Bondi. More info

noosa surfing festival
Its on. A week of all things surfing up at Noosa. Check out the updates on this More info

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