Bondi 7am


Some meaty chunks rocking around Sydney at the moment. One of the biggest swells of 2008. Shame that the 8 foot sets at Bondi are flanked by a 20-30 knot southerly – making it a mess of things. Bondi to Maroubra has limited options, you’ll need decent protection from the southerly (e.g. Bronte or South Bra). Northern beaches seem to handle these conditions much better, Manly would be smaller but cleanest, Dee Why, Brown Water would all have waves today. But you’d want to be keen and wearing you’re new sealed steamer. Or maybe I’ve just spent too much time in the tropics lately. Looks like the swell will fade fast today and swing to the east. Onshore winds (SE) until Wednesday. This grey weather should clear tomorrow…summary – I like Wednesday.

maldives from above

5 shots of onshore Bondi just wouldn’t cut it today. So here is what the Maldives look like from an amphibious plane – amazing place, recommend a trip

Reef Patches


Firing right hander - name unknown


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  1. Johan – Thank you for being so brilliant Jonas. It was abeslutoly amazing having you for the day and judging from above the photos are pure magic. Can’t wait to see the rest! Have a safe flight to Bali and keep up the great work.

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