The Professor backdooring a meaty lip

Tubular Bondi

Clouds have parted, sunshine is back, winds are offshore and the swell is still in town. Bondi is attracting the grunt from this SSE swell and sets broke around 6 foot this morning. Angry rip in the south is making the left bowl just nicely – the regulars enjoying the odd tube (rare for Bondage). Remarkably only 4 guys out braving the super cold conditions earlier today. I drove past again at 8:21am and it switched off again with only 1 guy out. The moral of the story is – its fickle – and the banks down at Bondi ain’t great. So what a perfect day to get out of town into some good waves. The next 4-5 days look fantastic with predominantly westerlie winds.

Street Party

Aquabumps hasn’t had a party in over a year. I tell people I am maturing. They don’t believe me. Anyway, the Coopers beer truck is delivering and the City to Surf Fun Run is closing my gallery street to cars – Street Party. More details to come.


The worst kept secret…tour stop No.6 Rip Curl Pro at a mystery location. Give you a hint – I was just there. Looks like the swell is up and the event could start today

In between sets

Big set burnings

The Professor doing some cave research

Hacking into a golden bump

8 thoughts on “Tubular Bondi

  1. How funny is that,

    Only four guys out you say and they still drop in on each other! (8247)

    I like the new format Uge, it really brings out the quality of the camera,


  2. got any shots after the last frame uge, could be interested in buying the 3 in sequence (8246)

    apologies to yohannas for the drop in….couldn’t help myself ;p

  3. Hi Jono, nice tubes today. well done. Unfortunately the camera had reached is buffer maximum when you paddled into that wave. So I only got 3 frames, and missed you inside. its a bugger. One of the best tubes I’ve seen out at Bondi. So basically – there is no more shots…and nice burn buddy. shame on you. uge

  4. Great pics and great revamp.
    I live and work in London and look forward to my email every morning – its the best way to start the day here! Even in the height of a European summer – there is nothing better than a reminder of how beautiful the home country is!

  5. Hi Uge,

    Great work with the revamped site! Awesome stuff. Not much work being done today with the ASP Tour on? Sounds good about the street party, ill makesure once i have gathered myself after finishing to drop past.
    Keep up the good work.

    C ya


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