Not bad tube for north bondi


After last night’s strong winds the ocean is all angry and agitated. The swell direction has switched from the east to the south-east making it bigger at Bondi.

At daybreak is seemed onshore, but by the time I left the beach (7:45am) it was SW offshore-cross. North Bondi, which rarely breaks has a little peak that occasionally didn’t close out. Quite hollow in sections. The rest of the beach looked useless and convoluted.

Nth Bondi corner – 2-3 foot, South corner 4-5 foot. Winds will swing onshore this afternoon 15 knots from the SE.

Tomorrow is your day. Ah huh. We’re expecting WSW winds and a swell increase again over night. So my call is 5-6 footers tomorrow. Hopefully the ocean will have settled by then and the south end shall be decent – that is – if the banks hold anything above head high.

Summer is coming. This morning I saw 4 times the normal amount of people exercising. Freezing morning though, always amazes me when you see the old diggers wondering around in Speedos having a chat. Have a great day, uge

Softsand joggers in their masses

plenty closed out

the cold not affecting this digger

Jono taking a run up

3 thoughts on “mirra-kirra

  1. Hey Uge, been getting your daily for a couple of years now – always brightens my day.

    But mate I’ve gotta pull you up on ‘Mirra Kirra’. A half surfable semi-barrel left at North Bondi definitely does not a mirra-kirra make.

    I know it must be hard dreaming of copy and a catchy headline every day, day after day, but jeezus – if you’d seen some of the days I’ve seen at kirra (when it used to work) …….

    This comment meant with all respect to your long record of fine work and in the interests of constructive criticism.

    Cheers, Jeremy Tweed

  2. Yeah OK oK…so I am dreamin’. It was more tongue and cheek more than anything.

    My best mate always calls it Mirra Kirra…that’s why I named today’s that.
    He talks it up all the time. but we both know its not a patch on Kirra.

    but we can keep on dreamin’. uge

  3. Not to mention the layer of suspicious brown foam lying over the surface yesterday morning. Perhaps the poo plant blokes took the day off to surf the left?

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