Water colours


Not much happening in the wave department this morning. The trade winds came in really early making a mess of things. Also a strong tidal change makes paddling back to the lineup a tough job…had to get a boat ride  most of the time. One of side of the island remains perfect and calm. The colours in the water up here are just incredible. The deep blues and greens look fluoro.

No surfing shots today just hanging out in the pacific ocean. Hows the office? ::uge

Underwater Crumbles

Cheeky Debbie

The Big Blue

Underwater swimmercam

3 thoughts on “liquid

  1. – hi jonas, very good work I reckon with the voulme of work you execute you seriously need an art editor that you are on the same wavelength with some of the post production is a little sloppy and its a shame cause you’re clearly in the zone with reading light.regards,jon

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