An optimistic early morning crowd


It seems we’ve made the switch from a chilly winter in summer overnight. Not only is the sunshine saturating the mornings now, but also the powerful winters swells have dissipated. Today it’s so flat it looks like a lake. Lake Bondi. Any smaller and we’d be gettin’ into negative values. People out? Of course, its Bondi, probably as dangerous as it will get. Don’t fear those 8 foot days…its days like these that a loose board will put you in an ambulance headed straight for emergency.

Stunning weather and a max of 24. We’ve got beach weather all weekend before the Sunday night southerly change. You won’t be surfing this weekend, no waves, not until early next week.

Aquabumps Gallery Open

All weekend 10am to 4pm the Aquabumps gallery will be open for business as it always is. You’ll find the white cave at 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi. Always amazed at how many subscribers come in for a look – from ALL over the place. Had some guys in from Italy the other day. They found Aquabumps on Google.

Have a great weekend, Uge

Perfect day to do some laps

1st wave in 45 mins and you'll have to share it

Big boards - suitable equipment for today's conditions

Paddleboarding - its catchin' on

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