turbulent clouds above the Bondi village


Not much happening around Sydney in regards to surfing. A weak windswell dribbled into the beaches producing 1-2 foot bumps. The charts are promising an east swell later this week. Saturday and Sunday should be the biggest days (8 secs, 3 foot – E swell, Northerly winds). Until then, enjoy the good weather, 24 today, 24 tomorrow, 26 Wed, 26 Thursday.

Aquabumps Daily Email

I am hearing that some bumps readers are having a few difficulties viewing this email. The pictures are bigger – yep – so be patient when downloading, but please report any extreme cases here and we’ll try and solve them. Let us know if you’re Mac, PC, Outlook, Vista, Xp, etc. We have a dedicated server soley for the daily email – to increase speeds…it should take 20 seconds to download depending on what connection you’re on.

Cheers, uge

Wave of the day - not much left

Rail cam...morning golden light

4Sale: Lounge room w/ocean views. 6.5Mil.

Dad taking the groms for a wave

3 thoughts on “mondee

  1. hi uge,

    mate hope your well, could you please send me over your media pack. Looking for some bargins on diffrent websites to push a product.

    Happy to take random days whenever you a filler.

    Let me know.


  2. hey uge…. just a quick g’day from melbourne. The emails i get everyday are awesome man. Some inspiring pics. And they only take seconds to download. cool. It makes me wanna grab that board and head out, pity i sold that ‘byrne’ 6’2″ years ago to my wife’s cousin for an absolute steal! Next time im up that way i will be making a beeline into your gallery for something spesh to take home.

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