Speedy section in the middle


You should really think about surfing today. At sunrise (well, I think there was a sunrise behind all that cloud), the waves were bumpy but 4-5 foot. Since then the waves have cleaned right up and with NW predicted this afternoon, it looks…good. Hit a NE exposed spot (not Bondi).

SDS opening last night

SDS opened their new store in Bondi last night (where Mambo used to be). Big turnout, no better way to stop traffic on Campbell parade than have 30 girls in bikinis out the front of your store. view pics from last night


It’s that time of year again – our friends at United Galleries are having their annual Hip Pop exhibition showing 8 young fresh exciting artists. In association with Father Riley’s Youth Off The Streets the show will have 4 ‘hip’ and 4 ‘pop’ artists. If you would like to come to the opening night please RSVP here (rsvp@unitedgalleries.com.au) View catalogue

Stopping traffic on Campbell Parade - the girls

Kerrbox's lucky night...keep it together fella

Bumpy, lumpy with morning sickness

Fattie left up the top corner

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  1. hey guru there is something in the way of your lense on the first photo you need to lift your camera a bit to get a clear shot………yeah boyzzzzz

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