Few wobbly sets on the reef


The weather has been so volatile lately, you just don’t know what to expect. The weekend’s easterly swell has dissipated and now we have a brand spankin’ new south swell – with plenty of grunt.

At sunrise it was only 4-5 foot, the last time I checked it around lunch it was 6 foot plus. The nemesis southerly flanked the swell increase making a mess of things…but at least we’ve got swell. Just didn’t see it breaking very well – anywhere.

This south swell will peak overnight and hang around for a few days whilst slightly declining. You’ll just need to pick the narrow gaps in the wind to score anything clean. (or just get over to protected corners – like Manly and Bronte).

Miss Bondi ’08

It all starts this Sunday 2pm at the Beach Road Hotel. (note its changed from Saturdays). More info

new south swell has arrived

Dark storm clouds loom

Crazy cloud formations all weekend

One thought on “Volatile

  1. From which girlfriends penthouse did you take the 2nd last photo: “Dark storm clouds loom” ?

    How else did you get up so high?

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