Wild man Stutzie, loose on the oxy just like in the water


It a very busy time of year for most people. Christmas is coming and everybody wants everything finished before Christmas. But there is one thing you should try and squeeze into your busy today… that’s some time down the beach. Not only is it a stunning beach day, sunny and 24 degrees, but there are some great waves around (3ft).

This swell is from the SE (@ 9 seconds). The winds are now from the NNW, hence the good weather and cleaner waves. The winds will blow hard at 23 knots NE later tonight but south facing swell magnets should have decent waves if the tides don’t get funky.

Tomorrow should be similar but smaller. Forecast for the weekend is looking good – south swell and favourable winds – head out of town.

Cheap booze

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Jono, back from honeymoon and wearing a big grin

Down the frothy line with Justin Barnaby

check the board inthe back of the tube

Smithy on the world’s longest mal

2 thoughts on “busy

  1. I knew someone would pick on that…i’ve been trying to get a clean for a month or so now, its driving me mad…driving out to north ryde is just too far from Bondi sometimes…

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