Hiding from the 39 degree heat


Happy New Year and bring orrn 2009. We’re not completely back on board, just in between trips and thought it was time to change my homepage as I tracked thousands still hittin’ it every day since we’ve been on hols. You could do with a change of scenery.

G’day From WA

They weren’t mucking around when they claimed Perth (WA) to be the second windiest city in the world. Damn blowing a gale for the whole 12 days that I was lurking. Not just a subtle puff of 5 knots like Bondi – we’re talking 30 – 40 knots of the Freo Doctor ripping shreds off the little boom town.
Fortunately the tiny island of Rottnest provides some sanctuary from the howling winds, as the north side of the island remains calm and glassy, hidden from the blow. Here is some shots from the little island gem. Some of the best colours you’ll find in Australia…


The Souled Out Surf Film Festival is about to start touring…well what is it? It’s the Australian Surf Movie festival that tours annually at this time of year, but this year has taken a more artistic path showing films such as “UNDER THE SUN” by Cyrus Sutton and “SURFING 50 STATES” where two young Aussies venture off to America with the simple idea of surfing the US in all 50 states, what ever it takes. Click here to see tour dates, or if you live local to Bondi these two sessions might interest you:

    Bondi Beach Surf Club | Wed 21st Jan – 8 pm Buy Tickets
    Randwick Ritz Cinema | Sun 25th Jan – time Buy Tickets

Benny Tana flexing the guns for the camera

Nothing like riding bikes to the beach

Howling offshore plumes

If you get up earlier enough its offshore

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