The Hurley Boys punting airs against a massive rock

King tide

We’ve got a new East swell and summery NE winds to kick this week off. I am not in Bondi, but I’ve been told its 2 foot in the corner and offshore. (I would also assume a very large crowd out for the early seeing it is a stunning day with a max 25).

At 9:50am a king tide will hit Sydney (just above 2 metres). The surplus of water into our bays will drown this small swell so you will have to go surfing well before or after 10am. These king tides only happen twice a year, one at night, one during the day…so you will be able preview the future’s rising sea levels. Lucky we don’t have a big swell otherwise we’d lose half the beach.

Hope today isn’t your first day back at work from the Christmas break – perfect beach day today. We return to Bondi Wed but the Aquabumps Gallery is still open Tuesday to Friday 10am to 7pm, all weekend 10am to 6pm ::uge

The cool hues of a clearwater tube

...and landed this in reverse...

Gezza Blake tearing the lip

Miles of beach, multiple peaks, 1 surfer

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