A green wally one ready to flaunt your skills all over


It may be your first week back at work but today is a great day to wag work and bake it out of town.

Bondi and surrounds don’t look like they have much going on, but somewhere is going off with 3-4 footers at East facing beaches (and NE winds)…you’re dreaming if you think I am going to reveal today’s location. A hot beachie far from the city’s hustle.

Hot waves and some really talented young surfers rippin’ it to shreds. Expect to drop tomorrow…enjoy it whilst it lasts ::uge

  • Water temp: 21
  • Maximum (land): of sunny 29 degrees on the land
  • Swell direction: East
  • Period: 10 seconds
  • High tide: 1.9m at 11:30am
  • Low tide: 5am and 6pm

Bustin' those fins out

Dedicated closeout carve

Bit glarey out there, hiding in the shade

Tight angles

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