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Cheap Tricks

Replica morning to yesterday. Micro waves, hot, plenty of activity on the beach and a little bit of fog as the hot air mixes will the cool.

The wave situation is quite dire….1 foot dribbly bits. The swell radar shows little relief for the next 7 days. Head to Hawaii, Victoria or Margies where they’re enjoying swell. Nothing to see here peeps, just cheap photoshop tricks in an attempt to spice up today’s waveless frames. (yes those weird colours are on purpose so no need to email with concerns of my broken camera gear).

Sales speil

The (new) Aquabumps gallery which now resides behind the Bondi hotel in Curlewis Street (151) is open for your viewing pleasure all weekend 10am to 6pm. The new gallery is huge and hangs hundreds of images from these daily emails. All images are for sale and we send them all over the world regularly. It’s going to be mega beach weather all weekend, so come to the beach, swim then drop by the gallery as we’re just across the road (in the middle of the beach)

Telephone +61 2 9130 7788 151 Curlewis Street (just a few doors up from Thai Terrific) website info


Did you know you can make comments on these reports, feedback and ask questions. If you put them in the comments section you can even interact between yourselves (nicely now)

Have a great weekend ::eugenius

Lone fisherman on the point hooking salmon

Sammy Cockle. Not sure what he's doing.

Patience...long waits for a ripple

Morning crowds litter the water's edge

7 thoughts on “Cheap Tricks

  1. Hey Uge,

    You should be sure to get down to the beach tomorrow at 0530 for the Sydney Festival Dawn Chorus to get some photos – from my experience at one of the other events (this is the last of four consecutive Saturday performances at various Sydney beaches) it is a pretty fine way to see in the sunrise on a Saturday morning.

    And at that Balmoral one i went to at the start of the month, thousands of people made the dawn excursion – it was flipping madness and an amazing sight and sound to be part of.

    Hope this isn’t infringing on your comments policy for no promotion, cos it is a free event down bondi way – and i am just an innocent spectator making a recommendation.


  2. Danny will try and get some shots down there tomorrow morning at dawn…might be a struggle as Saturdays are normally my sleep in…

  3. Hey Eugene, a quick question for you…A couple of mornings over the past few weeks the beach has a real ‘fishy’ smell in the air…also I notice mist at both nth & sth ends…no fishing boats / man around…any ideas what causes this smell? Cheers mate.

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