The crowds soaking up the last of summer

Chopper Squad

No one out surfing this morning…that says it all. Wasn’t looking that great at sunrise with rain, last night’s onshore and only 2 footers fizzing out. With all the waves we’ve had recently you’d have to be a highly motivated individual to paddle out (or unemployed). Maybe let it settle…


So we got airborne on Saturday, bit later than expected, but we got there. Couldn’t have asked for a better beach day. Around 2pm we hovered above Bondi (north to south) and then Bronte to Tama. Shot around 1000 frames in the bird…so it’s going to take a little longer than expected to showcase these pics on the site. The angle from a chopper is incredible, the water so clear (nope we didn’t see any sharks) and the people shots from above look hot. If you were on the beach (Bronte-Bondi) chances are we got you lubing up the baby oil. Stay tuned…


This Thursday night (12th March) Surfwise is showing at the Bondi Open Air Cinema (in the Pavilion on the beach). It’s a documentary about a family (with 9 kids) that gave up their conventional lives to chase the best waves around the globe. Also showing is SEAWORTHY, a surfing film by Nathan Oldfield (great cinema photography). I have 35 tickets to giveaway thanks to Bondi Open Air and GLOBAL SURF INDUSTRIES…come into the gallery from tomorrow to Thursday (closed Mondays), and tell us the families surname in Surfwise.

have a great week, Ugios

Look like ants from above

Aerial hook

The Big Bay with the city visible

The water is clearer from up here

7 thoughts on “Chopper Squad

  1. Any HD Video showing the fun had Eugene? 😉

    What lens was the 4th shot taken with – that curvature looks awesome! (but a little more than realistic?)

  2. The first and second photo are of the same shot – so does it make it north bondi and not Tama?

    Great shots!

  3. Hi Vanessa, yep…made a mistake. its not tama. its bondi. working on shots today. will have others up soon.

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