Good colours again this morning

Lake Bondi

There still isn’t a great deal going on with the surf. Bondi was really calm and flat this morning with a beautiful sunrise (again). A fat 31 degrees forecasted so it’s another great opportunity to hit the beach and go for a swim – even though the water has dropped to a frosty 18 degrees. Later tonight a south change will hit – blowing winds of up to 25 knots – that should change things for tomorrow. Enjoy.

2 Fists 1 Heart

It’s always amazing to see how many people are up before sunrise exercising down the beach. Boxing seems to be taking off – even with the ladies. Little Rocky and Rockettes everywhere banging the pads. There is a new movie out “2 Fists 1 Heart” which is showing at the cinemas. It’s a contemporary Australian drama centring around boxing written by Rai Fazio – a champion boxer himself. It’s also produced by well known local, David Elfick, (of the Newsfront, Rabbit Proof Fence, Blackrock, Morning of the Earth fame). So go see…also look at Rai’s blog for your morning sparring session. (feel free to practice on Wal)

Amazing how quickly it changes

Some prime real estate up there onthe point

The kids jumping off the rocks near boat ramps

From the chopper - "swim clarity"

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  1. Hi Eugene, how awesome are these?….i didnt ever get to see any aerial pics about a month ago, how did they go? Cheers Monique x

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