Still warm water - enjoy it whilst it lasts

The Promise

We have a new east swell to play with. It arrived on Saturday, got bigger yesterday afternoon and will be with us all week. Dang. Best days will be around Wednesday or Thursday when it peaks around 5-6 foot at exposed beaches. After the last couple of swell drought it’s a nice surprise to have decent numbers in those swell charts again. Let hope the wind behaves.

Maroubra had some 2-3 footers this morning. Nothing special…quite weak and fat. Bondi much smaller as its neglecting the swell direction. Manly would have something, dido at Narrabeen, Whaley…my advice would be clear the workload today and free yourself up for the rest of the week – cause it should be fun. ::uge

They like colour down there...

Bruce Stafford always up for the early

Getting burnt by the poo man

4 thoughts on “The Promise

  1. Go Brucey! It’s a pleasure to surf with your cheery self.

    Also, I wonder if Poo Man (alias Pete McGregor, Jnr Circuit Surf Judge) scores that stance highly??

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