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Big storm rolling through at the moment. Ocean is all frothed up with howling onshores, rain and a big ENE swell. It’s going to get really big tonight/ tomorrow – say 8 foot +, but it’s not going to be clean. 20-30 knots of blow today and tomorrow – so best wait until it dies – or surf the protected North Bondi corner which had something that resembled a wave. (the fact that I had to wait 30 mins for a wave wasn’t a good sign). Sit tight kids.

Here are some random shots from my travels to give you hope that decent waves are out there…no one really surfing in our area to shoot today.

Swell Personal training

An enterprising young Jo King has started a personal training business and keeps on haggling me for free publicity – so call her 0408 926 585 or email If you’re looking for a new trainer or just need to stalk someone

2 fists

I’ve got 2 soundtracks to the new movie 2 Fists 1 heart. Answer this question and 1 could be yours Q: What hit television show did the lead actor Daniel Amalm feature in last year? Answer (you’ll need to pick up from the gallery)

Bobby Martinez, he wond this year...was in fine form

fins, coconuts, and warm water...I'll be there soon.

French grom tucked in deep

This guy is about to hook in under a solid lip

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