Perth Standlick is back in town and flying high

bustin’ fins out

Not too shabby down there earlier today (sorry for the late update – phone wouldn’t stop ringing all morning). Bondi had a 2-3 foot wave, little bit messy due to a slight onshore breeze. Plenty of crew out before work – some good surfing going down as well – fins flashing all over the place.

Looks like Autumn has settled in, most of the backpackers have dissipated and it’s safe to surf Bondi without getting speared by a new comer to the sport. Also bring on those south swells best suited to Bondi.

Tomorrow should be pretty decent, south swell 3-4 foot and SSW winds.
Later: uge

Jono thrashing a nice closeout hack

Dark start to the day with fingers above Ben Buckler

Unknown launching a fish off the shorey

Perth tucking in tight

5 thoughts on “bustin’ fins out

  1. Uge,

    u should do a Perth retro special
    i reckon he’s been surfing bondi for at least 5 years and has grown up significantly since u started shooting

  2. Uge.

    How much do, you do to you pictures between shooting them and uploading?
    And thanks for your daliy updates, you have no ide how much they help through 8 months of winther and no waves.


  3. Patrick – that’s a great idea – retro special. I have shots of him when he was a shorey scrapper and now he’s surfing the globe.

  4. Simon – today I messed with them quite a bit. Photoshopped to hell as there was no light at all…which means no colours…so I played with all the controls to make something interesting. thanks, uge

  5. the fingers of God! interesting i had the same revelation he has his hand on Bondi at the moment. Times are changing for the best!

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