Glorious start to the day - no one around


There are no waves…really…and if you are planning a surf I would delay until later ron. See, the charts are hinting a south swell increase late today…quite a decent one…and tomorrow and Wednesday we’re back on the job with 3-4 footers. South swell +  WNW winds – that’s good news.

It’s still quite frosty, only managing a top of 18 degrees but the beach was sensational this morning. Clean, calm and deserted. Rain is forecasted for most of this week, so enjoy today’s sunshine.

Killalea (or better known as ‘the Farm’ and ‘Mystics’) has just been announced as a national surfing reserve (joining Cronulla, Angourie, Crescent and Lennox). Good little spot down there…

"mate you go left, I'll take the right"

Soft sanders morning stampede

John MacArthur, always there. Always.

the 1 foot sets chuggin' into the bay. Always someone out!

2 thoughts on “Imminent

  1. a memorable moment “mate you go left, I’ll take the right” Sam just asked me to be his best man for his wedding after this wave.
    i wonder if it was because i shared the wave with him 😉

  2. Darn straight. The Farm and Mystics should have been classed as sacred as soon as the Macmansions started to appear around that hood. Sterling work to whoever pushed that through.

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