Bumpy junkie 2-3 ft. Even the seagulls are bored

Devil Wind

The forecasted swell increase has greeted us, but so has the southerly…

South Bondi was a junkie 3 foot. Long waits between decent sets. Not very inviting as the rain has set in and you’ve probably got something more pressing to do.

The great news is that today’s junkie windswell will eventuate into a groundswell and feed us until Sunday. The only problem is the wind, which will be onshore until Thursday. (Southerly tomorrow and Thursday, then easterly Friday and Saturday).

Time to reminisce about the powerful swells that broke last Thursday and Friday.

Remo Giuffre, He's back in business in Bondi

Even 'The Boot' was looking surfable...kinda...not really

Decent bomb sets last week. How good?

WA's Luke Wyllie in deep

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